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Travel Lookbook: Renz of The Traveling Nomad

I know quite a few people who work in the airline industry but not someone who authorizes the departure and arrival of an aircraft. Everyone, meet Renz of The Traveling Nomad, a Biology degree-holder from Davao who is also a certified trendsetter. We first met while on a trekking activity with some of our travel blogger friends and I must say he’s a real charmer.

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All the girls in our group were having fun as we rode a paddle board and pretended it was a banana boat. To make it more realistic, we wore life vests. Iggy was pulling the board into the deeper part of Banol Beach while Emma, who was seated in front, was rocking it back and forth. We were laughing as if there was no tomorrow; other visitors we don’t know were laughing too as we all fell off the board.

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You had her at Chori Burger: The Conspiracy

Me and Rowjie were never the sweet type. He doesn’t give me chocolates and flowers and I do not write him love letters. Our marriage was a mutual agreement and needed no proposal and engagement. So when our friend Boom informed us of his intentions to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Joie, we got stoked. Marriage proposal in Boracay? It’s the shiznit! He said he just wanted to plainly do it while they are parasailing in Boracay. Then off we went to Boracay!

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How to Survive the Patong Apocalypse

The Mayan calendar wasn’t exactly accurate when it said that we should be gone by the 21st of December last year. But come to think of it. What if doomsday is really just around the corner? Are we going to survive it or should we just accept our fate that is death? Now, here are a few handy tips on how to survive the apocalypse called Patong, The heart of Phuket’s nightlife.

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Sex, Alcohol, and Bangla

I have been a Catholic since Lord knows when and went to Catholic schools with conservative teachings and rules all my life. My everyday experiences as a grown-up changed my faith a bit but I still remain a follower of The Creator. I am not practicing as what others call it. Considering myself as liberal and open to a lot more possibilities and ideas (but that’s a different story), imagine the horror I faced upon setting feet in Bangla Road, the heart of Phuket’s nightlife. Now let me give you an idea on how Bangla Road looks like, especially at night.

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Where I have been this 2012

I asked for twelve wonderful blessings this 2012 and I got them all. Now, here’s how I rolled the past year. 1. Got lost. (Tarak Ridge) Went climbing the famous ridge of Tarak in Mariveles, Bataan twice and got lost on our second visit. Funny, right? Ending was a painful 4-hour ascend. No, I did not ask to be lost but prayed to find the right track back to where we should be.

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Cloud 9, Siargao Island

During the early eighties and while in Bali, famous surfers Steve Jones and Tony Arroza told another legendary surfer and traveler Mike Boyum about this island in Siargao called Pansukian. Little did they know that Boyum not only visited Pansukian but went as far as today’s Cloud 9.

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Top Things to do in the Philippines

With all our 7,107 islands and diverse culture, listing all the things that can be done in the Philippines is like finding a needle in a haystack. So here, for my non-Filipino readers (if there are any), let me give you my version of top 7 things to do when in the Philippines. Party or Beach Bum in Boracay I’d have one of my precious fingers cut if you, by this time, still haven’t heard of this small island off Aklan in Visayas with oh-so fine, white sand great for beach bumming. Yep, Boracay not Bora. The party life here is also craz-eh, if you know what I mean.

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Pansukian Island

I know why you’re all here. You saw the words topless and naked. I am so sorry to rain on your parade but, unfortunately, you won’t be seeing anything here that’s naked aside from the islet that is Pansukian or Naked Island.

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