One kid, six countries, eight years, and still travel blogging (or not). As you may have probably noticed, I haven’t written anything for the past months. I thought quitting my day job for nine years would let me become the full-time stay-at-home mom, virtual assistant, and travel blogger that I’veContinue Reading

So, I heard there’s this new flight ticket and hotel booking app called Traveloka that my friends have been suggesting me to try. I recently downloaded it and decided to see how it works. And as a result, I booked a one-bedroom suite at¬†Richmonde Hotel Ortigas for a weekend staycation.Continue Reading

Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you can no longer wander. ‚ėļ While pregnancy may be an amazing phase in the lives of¬†some women, it may also be an unpleasant experience because of the major physical changes that expecting mothers have to go through¬†during this stage. So sure, expecting mothersContinue Reading

When Rowjie and I first learned that I am pregnant, it was blissfully chaotic. It’s still blissful, but less chaotic now. The first trimester was really critical and we were worried all the time. Thankfully, we were able to surpass it all and, as of writing, I am now onContinue Reading

Several days back, I got an invite to attend a short trip to Philippine Eagle Center in Davao and witness the turnover of Philippine Eagle Mindanao to Cebu Pacific. Just gotten out of bed, I thought the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) is now being acquired by the country’s most popularContinue Reading

I was heading toward what I thought was the location of the hotel I was looking for when someone yelled at me to call my attention. “Kuya, sa Microtel po,” I responded. The security guard manning the entrance gate politely asked me to come back and handed me a paper.Continue Reading

I started writing a draft for my yearender post mid-December of the past year and was able to come up with a few paragraphs already. I have been to Blah Blah on February, I visited Blah Blah on April, I was at Blah Blah last July. I was thrilled toContinue Reading

My YABAGMC (Yielding Across Barriers And Gateways¬†Mountaineering Club)¬†Friends make sure that whenever we meet, we make it memorable. Hindi lang puro inom. During the previous years, we’ve had hiking and meetings when we reminisced our childhood by¬†wearing our old school uniforms (Mount Bulalo¬†2012), when we had pajama party (Tayak HillContinue Reading