Hello. I am Kaiz. My nickname is really Kasey but friends choose to call me Kaiz when they are too lazy to even say my two-syllable pet name. Most people pronounce it like dice only with a K and a Z but it’s actually maze (again, with a K), like a puzzle. I’m just too shy to correct those who have already stamped Kaiz like dice on their minds.

My love for blogging started year 2003 when one of my college instructors introduced me to a modern way of keeping a journal, that is a digital diary or blog (web log). From then, I have created several accounts on well-used blog sites like Blogspot, Tabulas, Xanga, and a lot more. It was just July 2009 when I finally settled with WordPress and my own domain name thus the birth of this travel blog. Sometime 2011, having built this site on my own through tutorials and forums, I ignorantly deleted the database of the website thinking that it was some random unnecessary file. Poof, the blog became koko krunch. Everything that I worked hard for since I started were completely erased. Aside from my several hiatus, that’s another reason why there are just a few posts on this website despite its age.

Now, who cares about history?


Fast forward 2012, I got married to my boyfriend for almost six years, Rowjie. We share the same passion for food, music, traveling, and trekking. Though we’re working on it, we still don’t have a kid who we plan on naming Ky-mani (boy) or Margaja (girl). We currently reside in Mandaluyong while waiting for our dream urban residence be completed (here goes a huge chunk of our earnings). Rowjie wants to have a dog as a pet but our humble abode will not be able to accommodate it so much for a couchsurfer.

If we are financially incapable of going out of town during the weekend, you can visit us and join us in watching our favorite TV series like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Entourage, and a lot more. Just do not forget to bring a box of popcorn and a few bottles of beer. *wink*

Our most unforgettable moment as a couple was becoming the stars in one episode of the defunct travel show Weekend Getaway.

I do not consider myself as a seasoned traveler. I haven’t even been to La Union and Davao yet, goodness gracious! But my favorite trips (so far) include surfing in Siargao, celebrating Rowjie’s birthday in Batanes, and our annual Calaguas beach bumming.

Abroad, I had been to some parts of the Southeast Asia region including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. And I still dream of setting foot in Latin America to see its chicas calientes,  in New Zealand to see the Middle Earth, Palau (just because), and Santorini (well, who doesn’t?) someday.

Annapurna Base CampOur seven-day trek to and from the base camp of the tenth highest mountain worldwide, Annapurna in Nepal, is the most challenging activity I did so far. As of writing, we have less than two weeks before we are Kathmandu-bound again, this time, to complete the Everest base camp trek. I hope to return in one piece and get rid of it in my bucket list.

My experiences off and on the road have changed me a lot. I no longer care about shared bathrooms, about bunk beds and rundown hostels, about being cheap and sometimes filthy, about following itineraries and just going wherever my feet take me. I now carry only a few sets of clothes, prefer to just enjoy the beauty of a single place than see everything but appreciate nothing, to just cherish every single moment of my trip, to just travel without any baggage.

There are still a lot of places that I want to discover and explore, new things that I wish to learn, and different cultures that I hope to understand. As I go on with my  journey, I will try to document every bit of it and share a piece of my life with you that is traveling.

Let me end this self-bragging introduction of myself by asking you a question.

Where have you been lately?

MissBackpackerQUICK FACTS
CAMERA: Canon Powershot D10 (had it since 2009), Fujifilm Instax Mini 50s, GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition
JOB: Technical Writer
BUCKET LIST: Phuket, Mount Everest, Palau, Batanes, Seychelles Republic, and Cayman Islands
COLOR: Orange
CELEBRITY CRUSH: Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Edward Norton, and Channing Tatum
FEAR: Animals, drowning, and falling
OTHER INTERESTS: I practice Pilates and can hula hoop quite good
EDUCATION: AB Major in Journalism (UST)
TOP 3 PH BEACHES: Calaguas Island (Camarines Norte), Daku Island (Siargao), Banana Island (Coron)
TOP 3 PH MOUNTAINS: Kanlaon (Negros Island), Dulang-Dulang (Bukidnon), Gulugod Baboy (Batangas)

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