I have a couple of friends who do cosplay, and I am just fascinated by how much effort and creativity (and money too!) they put to their costumes and portrayal of their most-loved movie, book, or video game characters. For today’s Travel Lookbook, we are featuring a cosplayer by day and a virtual assistant by night, Kristine Karla (not her real name #cheret).

This Pangasinan-based cosplayer works as an operation specialist for a software engineering company in California. If she’s not busy working in front of her laptop or creating her costume for her next cosplay performance, she studies special effects makeup and getting really good at it. Here, look. She also finds time to binge-watch TV series every now and then.

Kristine Karla

On a regular day, you can find Kristine Karla wearing her favorite shorts and shirt. Being a home-based worker, I wonder how she looks like during a meeting (via video call) with a client or a colleague. Maybe something like this? Haha!

Forget the pants or shorts, but I certainly change my top before I hop on a video call with my bosses. I usually wear noodle-strapped tops and change into something more decent before meetings.

Kristine Karla

When asked what kind of trip/travel appeals to her, she said, “Definitely going to the beach since it gives me an emotion of calmness especially if I’m holding a bottle of beer or a shot of tequila.” Not so much a fan of tequila, but the beach is really an excellent choice for those wanting to relax. Of course, except the beaches crowded by tourists.

Kristine Karla

Her usual getup when traveling depends on her destination, but comfortable, stylish, and rugged come first.

FACT: I personally know Kristine Karla. I have had the chance to travel with her to Singapore and this girl loves her boots (plus she looks great on it)!

Aside from her boots, she is also fond of shorts. “I love wearing shorts, but when traveling, I make sure I have other outfits to replace it in the event that I can’t wear them or don’t feel like it. And this strat has always saved me (from any untoward incident),” she said.

Kristine Karla

Kristine Karla suggests checking outfit ideas on Pinterest to help you travel in style. “For ladies, bring that extra dress,” according to her. She also recommends doing weather and culture check of the place you are to visit to avoid any inconvenience. Plus one on this. On my first visit to Cambodia to see the temples of the Angkor Complex, I was denied entry to multiple temples because I was, guess what, wearing short shorts. Here’s a photo so you can make fun of me.

Kristine Karla

That’s it for this week’s Travel Lookbook. If you wish to be featured or know someone who will be happy to share tips on how one can travel comfortably without sacrificing style or someone who just doesn’t care about looking good on photos when traveling as long as he/she is having fun, please email me. 😀

And girl, KK, we need to go on a beach trip together soon. Beer (but not tequila) on me! ♥

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