I have been a Catholic since Lord knows when and went to Catholic schools with conservative teachings and rules all my life. My everyday experiences as a grown-up changed my faith a bit but I still remain a follower of The Creator. I am not practicing as what others call it.

Considering myself as liberal and open to a lot more possibilities and ideas (but that’s a different story), imagine the horror I faced upon setting feet in Bangla Road, the heart of Phuket’s nightlife.

Now let me give you an idea on how Bangla Road looks like, especially at night.

Bangla Road
I am just a little girl lost in a wild jungle.

Rowjie and I arrived in Patong City during the wee hours and had to wait until the sun rises before we could explore the city. We decided to stay in Patong against the other towns and beaches because I’ve been reading a lot that it is where real Phuket party happens. When the sun had finally risen, we went straight ahead to Soi Bangla, a stretch of stores and restaurants by day. What we didn’t know is that the road transforms into a party hub at night with its bars and a-go-go clubs. It also is being closed to traffic at 6PM and opened at 4AM to give way to rowdy partygoers.

Bangla Road
Rowjie and Bangla Road, not exactly the perfect match.

Came our first night in Phuket, the part of the day when we were most excited because we get to relax ourselves and also to grab a mug of beer, Rowjie and I had the shock of our lives. The craziest/wildest place I’ve ever been to is Malate and I just couldn’t believe what i was seeing in Bangla that I got mummed for a while.

The scent of sex, alcohol, and money is everywhere.

Bangla Road
Tourists who cannot afford or just don’t want to spend for sexual pleasure, here’s a free show. An aquarium of dancing fishes, a normal scene along Bangla.

In one corner, a lady would repeatedly ask you to see their free Ping Pong show. What the fuck is a Ping Pong show, I thought. Using her best English skills, the lady said, “now you see, now you don’t.” When we refused, she offered another show which uses a Banana. Go figure.

Bangla Road
An agent/pimp who I think asked us thrice in three different instances to go and see a Ping Pong show.

Then there were the Katoey or lady boys/transvestites in their performance costumes who would grab you and force you to take photos of them in which afterwards would ask for a specific amount as a tip. In our case, 100 Baht.

Bangla Road
Women, Transvestites, Gay. Name it, Bangla has it.

You got hundreds of old men flirting with young Thai ladies, ugh. Money. I couldn’t tell from what countries they were but they sure did stink.

Bangla Road
Ladies, you know where to leave your male partners once you decide to go shopping.

And the sex toys, accessories, and all sorts of weird stuff I’ve never seen before. If you just smile at the vendors and continue to walk without looking at the items, they would yell at you with unsolicited racial remarks. “Go back to your country, Malaysians!” We look like Malaysians but, hey, haven’t you heard of the Philippines?

Bangla Road
Mankini, one of the types of goodies being sold in Bangla.

Boracay, you gotta be ashamed when you’re boasting of being Philippines’ party haven. You’re not even close.

I can go on describing what we saw in Bangla Road without getting tired but I don’t want to continue boring you.

You got to be in Bangla Road to really understand what I am talking about. It was a wonderful experience and eye-opener for me though. The root of all this, I mean the sexual activities going on in Bangla and as for any other things, is money.

And since I just mentioned money, Rowjie and I ended up buying two bottles of beer in a 7-11 just across the street where our lodge is located to save up. Along with sex, alcohol can be pretty expensive abroad.

Bangla Road
In Phuket, their 640ML beer is more expensive than their 1L gasoline.


  1. Hindi ako nakapunta dyan nung nag-BBK kami. Let’s just say na we lack time and courage! :)) Gusto kong balikan pero haha 😀

    Everytime nakakakita ako ng San Mig Light sa ibang bansa nagiging proud ako lol

    1. Mica, marami pang towns sa Phuket na maganda at tahimik! Para syang Palawan, merong El Nido, Coron, PP. Siguro PP yung Patong City kasi sya yung pinaka-crowded. 😀

      At true sa SML. Unang gagawin mo ay piktyuran at i-post sa FB, “oy may SanMig dito!” hahaha

  2. Eto yung di ko na witness sa Bangla, alcohol ban kasi election day. Eager pa naman ako makita what Bangla looks like at night, pero fail. Next time siguro!

    1. Sorry sa term but Bangla was mindfucking. haha. Balik ka tapos sakto mo sa full moon party nila. 🙂

  3. Kelan kaya ako makakapag Thailand, gusto ko sana 2 weeks at least pag aalis, soonest trip i got planned is Yogya for November. 😛

    Gotta make time to Patong 😛


    1. Go! I can live in Thailand especially in Phuket. And yes, please make time to Patong. Hahahahaha!

  4. I was in Bangkok in Patpong and Nana Plaza. There they have the same but on industrial scale with 4 floors of cars ,brothels and pingpong…….

    1. That must be something and really weird. 😀

    1. Go! Sa susunod na me mag-alok samin ng ganyan, iga-grab na rin namin. hahaha

  5. A few days after the wedding, Zee and I met up with the happy couple again for dinner and drinks in Patong, then we walked along the infamous Bangla Road just for the experience. It was bustling with tourists and we were invited to watch numerous ‘ping pong’ shows by some of the local and very pretty lady boys but politely declined! I’m glad that we went, as Bangla Road has to be seen to be believed ~ but I wouldn’t go back in hurry!

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