You’re done with the Cu Chi Tunnels tour in Vietnam but still want to cross to Cambodia for some temple hopping? Here’s what you need to do in the borders of Moc Bai and Bavet when traveling by public bus.

Vietnam - Cambodia Border Crossing
International border crossing.

Moc Bai (Vietnam Border)

  1. Get off your bus and enter the immigration.
  2. Wait in line and on your queue, entrust your passport to the immigration officer. Usually, bus conductors collect all the passports of their passengers and bring them to the immigration before you even unload the bus.
  3. Wait until the grumpy immigration officer returns your passport back to you.
  4. Exit the immigration office and go back to your bus.

Bavet (Cambodia Border)

  1. Fill out the arrival and departure cards that your bus conductor will distribute before you get off the bus.
    Vietnam - Cambodia Border Crossing
    You need to submit separate arrival and departure cards when entering and leaving Cambodia.
  2. Enter the immigration then wait in line and for your queue.
  3. Hand over your passport and filled-out arrival card to the immigration officer. The departure card will be asked from you once you leave Cambodia.
  4. Return to your bus once your passport has been handed back to you.


  1. Always bring a pen and other identification cards with you.
  2. Filling out the arrival and departure cards before presenting yourself to the immigration officer will save you the hassle.
  3. Be courteous and answer with all honesty when ask with questions regarding the purpose of your visit in the country you are about to enter.
  4. Remember to always check your passport if it really has been stamped before leaving the immigration. You wouldn’t want to be in a Victor Navorski situation where no countries would allow you to enter their terrirtories.
    Vietnam - Cambodia Border Crossing
    Do not leave the immigration without seeing your stamp.
  5. Do not take photos within the immigration area as it is prohibited for most countries.


  1. how important is other IDs? Hindi pwede passport lang?

    1. Hindi naman. Mas maganda na na prepared ka if ever they ask for more documents. Ang parental consent mo ha. 🙂

  2. may i add something? ehe

    for others who are not taking the bus or something..and that they just want to extend their stay in Vietnam(aherm)…one will have to do it themselves..i mean the lining up to the immigration officer and all..
    they say you have to stay in Cambodia for at least 4hrs,before you could go back to Vietnam side,otherwise you have to pay almost 50K vnd for the fee..
    sometimes if you are alone or looks like you’re alone,the immigration officer in Cambodia side would ask for a fee..sometimes its 50K,sometimes its a little less..depends on their mood sometimes.
    also when entering the Immigration center of Vietnam,either you’re going or coming, watch out for some individuals who would take you by surprise and “assist” you in processing your passport.They just want to take your money..ehehehe
    Remember you don;t have to pay anything,in the Vietnam immigration, when exiting or entering.

    1. Hayef. Ingles!!! Sa susunod nga na Vietnam posts ko eh papa-proofread ko muna sayo. Sayang yang mga info mo, di ko nai-include. ☺

  3. The Cu Chi tunnels are located a little outside Saigon and they are one of the most interesting things you can visit in Vietnam i think.It´s really facinating to see how the Viet Cong digged their way under the enemy and for most of the war sat right under their butts just to come out at night and shoot at them.They have enlarged some of the tunnels so that even a westerner can fit in them and you can go down there to get a feel of what it was like to live there like the Vietnamese soldiers did during the war.You can visit the tunnels on a day tour from Saigon and you have plenty of operators offering the trip for a very decent price.

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