I know why you’re all here. You saw the words topless and naked. I am so sorry to rain on your parade but, unfortunately, you won’t be seeing anything here that’s naked aside from the islet that is Pansukian or Naked Island.

Pansukian Island
Approaching the so-called naked island.

The Naked Island

Pansukian Island or islet (because it’s basically a sandbar) is often referred to as Naked Island by the locals to give the tourists an idea on how the islet looks like. It’s a barren islet with no whatsoever but the sand. And it’s just a 10 to 15 minute boat ride away from the General Luna port.

Pansukian Island
You don’t need to be in Boracay just to experience white, fine sand.

The only thing that makes this islet different from the two sandbars I’ve been to (White Island in Camiguin and Puntod Island in Bohol) are the, if not thousands, hundreds of birds peacefully inhabiting the islet. I don’t know what type of birds they are but it sure is amazing to see such number in just one area.

Pansukian Island
The world is my oyster.

When we went there, the birds didn’t even get scared or bothered by the noise of our boat and the screaming I made upon seeing them. They just flew away and landed on the other end of the islet as if there’s nothing else on the island but them. Beautiful. You won’t see this kind of scene everyday, especially in the busy metro where I live. Below is a short video clip I took as we were approaching the islet. Warning, this is the part where you need to turn down the volume of your speakers.

This islet is just one of the many underrated beaches that Surigao del Norte has to offer. And another strong proof that Siargao (where it is near) isn’t just about surfing. But if you plan to go and visit this islet, make sure to bring something that will shade you from the harmful heat of the sun: umbrella, sunblock, towels, caps, and everything you can think of.

Pansukian Island
Watching those flocks of albatross (assuming they are indeed albatross) was the highlight of my visit here.

Or better yet, get naked and wrap up your day with the view of the sunset from the Naked Island.


  1. Thanks for this post! The photos showcase the beauty of the island. I will surely check this place when I go to Surigao.

    1. You’re welcome, Missy! Siargao has more to offer than surfing. 🙂

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