On our third day in Siargao, we were told by Wave Cave’s lodge caretaker, Kuya Manny, that our three-part island hopping activities will kick off in Guyam Island. In the Bicol region, guyam means langgam or ant. And so when the word guyam was mentioned I immediately thought of an ant and itsĀ minusculeĀ size. Wonderful beaches really make me ecstatic that I sometimes forget things including asking why Guyam was named as such.

Guyam Island
Just a few minutes away from the port of General Luna is Guyam Island.

I have been reading blog posts about Guyam Island and kept on getting the same thing.

Guyam Island
Oh, that’s Rowjie getting something-which-I-do-not-recall-what from our boat.
  • powdery sand
  • clear water
  • coconut trees
  • rock formations within the beach
  • strong winds from the Pacific
  • uninhabited
  • 10-minute away from General Luna
  • across it is a good spot for surfing
  • perfect for overnight camping
  • can be reached by kayak
Guyam Island
I should’ve posted a photo of me while eating my super early lunch at 9 AM.

I’ve been to the place and all that I have read were all true.

Guyam Island
Wish we brought our hammock so we could tie it up in one of these trees.

So why am I still writing this when much about Guyam has already been said? I guess there’s nothing more that I can add up to those list of things that you will keep on getting from the internet aside from these few:

Guyam Island
Guyam is indeed great for camping, for group picnics.
  • Guyam Island has been photographed and featured in the cover of Lonely Planet year 2002
  • landing fee for those who do not intend to use the cottage is Php 40 ($1)
  • cottage rental is Php 200 ($5) regardless of the number of people who will use it or how long you’ll be staying
  • aside from the cottages, the beach has benches perfect for relaxation
  • hammocks can be tied to the palm trees in the island
Guyam Island
This is how far I have been to. I was not able to see the other greater rock formations that I have read.

In Guyam Island, you will definitely not be uyam. #ibeteveryonereadingthiswillgooglewhatuyammeans

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