Travel Lookbook: Renz of The Traveling Nomad

I know quite a few people who work in the airline industry but not someone who authorizes the departure and arrival of an aircraft. Everyone, meet Renz of The Traveling Nomad, a Biology degree-holder from Davao who is also a certified trendsetter. We first met while on a trekking activity with some of our travel blogger friends and I must say he’s a real charmer.

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Travel Lookbook: Marky of Nomadic Experiences

Let’s all meet the nomadic Liev Schreiber of the Philippines for starters! Okay, scratch that. Recently landing on the 9th spot of the Sexiest Male Travel Bloggers alive, the very eligible bachelor Marky of Nomadic Experiences is not only considered sexy by most but he also has a very fitting definition of fashion. He knows when and where to wear this and that and carries the clothes he’s wearing handsomely.

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