Location: Mabini, Batangas
Date: August 13 to 14 3 2011
Present: Kaiz, Jie, and the Team Evercrest

They say third time’s a charm. Oh, yes for some but not for me. I’ve scaled this mountain thrice and I never experienced anything but fun and amusement of how beautiful nature is on all three occasions.

Gulugod Baboy is pig’s spine in the vernacular and the mountain is name as such because of its shape.  Mount GB, as most mountaineers call it, is one of the favorites in the mountaineering community when it comes to day hikes and massive camping. The campsite is a big playground for all outdoor enthusiasts!

It was just disappointing during our latest visit as I’ve been waiting for it since last month because of the full moon phenomenon. It was all foggy and rain showers never failed to add up to our already dismayed hearts.

Gulugod Baboy
Foggy morning it was!

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us from appreciating the mountain’s beauty and the things that surround it. We woke up to a wonderful Sunday with a sumptuous breakfast. It isn’t every day that you get to see grass, fog, and wild roosters roaming around you first thing in the morning. Add up your friends who are one of the best things in the world.

Gulugod Baboy
I’d like to present our new tent, DUVEE (they say it’s wrong to give your stuff names as it makes you more attached to them and would make it difficult for you to let go once they failed but I don’t really care).

What made our day even better was the 360-degree view at the mountain’s summit, which was truly amazing. Cavite, Sierra Madre mountain ranges, Laguna, and Rizal are everywhere. This will leaving you saying, “This won’t be my last.”

Gulugod Baboy
This should have been me. Omar just doesn’t know how to take good photos. Bleh.
Gulugod Baboy
I am proud of you Mela! You went down on your own. ☺

Of course, camping in Mount GB would never be complete without a side-trip to Anilao’s famous beach (apologies that we didn’t get to dive or windsurf).  The waters of Anilao is as clear as other beaches but its underwater feature isn’t as great as of Boracay, Coron, or Calaguas. There are a lot of rocks! Some are even sharp and would leave one hell of a mark on your poor skin.

Anilao is well-known as a good diving spot for both beginners and pros. Also a haven for windsurfers and other sports activities.

Gulugod Baboy
Aldrin showing off his underwater planking skills.
Gulugod Baboy
Organic Mela! Lurve!

Without a doubt, this is one of my most-loved mountains. I’ll never get tired of going back and be charmed over and over again by its daintiness.


  1. Mt.Gulugod Baboy talaga name nya?
    Ngayon kulang narinig to..:)
    Salamat sa Pag share…:)

    1. Yep, Gulugod Baboy because of the mountain’s features that are similar to a pig’s spine. Thanks for dropping by! ☺

  2. ang ganda nman ng place n2 tga batangas ako pero first time ko narinig ang tungkol sa Mt GB, tnx for sharing this one

    1. Hi Palakanton! Thanks for dropping by!

      Yes, Mount GB is very interesting and can be climbed by anyone, even those that have no mountaineering experience. ☺

      Here’s a LINK to more photos of GB.

  3. nice climb.. ask ko lang po sana kung kaya ba ng bike yung trail?kahit mag akay sa ilang part?

    1. Hello Plengski! Uhm, mahirap. 1.5 to 2-hour climb kasi siya, pure ascend. Pero magandang mag-bike sa taas. Yun nga lang, mahirap papunta.

    1. Ohknoes you don’t! hahahaha

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