Do you frequently fly? Do your ears hurt as you go up in a plane as if they’re clogged and popping? Congratulations! You’re perfectly normal and just one of the million people who have experienced and still experience this.Continue Reading

Today I’m not going to talk about taxonomy (and bleed ourselves to death) nor Azaleos’ female counterpart (and how dry it can be). So, no. It’s Azalea but not the shrub. I’ll simply share my story of how our weekend staycation in Azalea Residences went and how it can beContinue Reading

Who would want to miss a smoke-free city with its almost zero-crime rate? Surf the net, book a plane ticket, fly for only 1.5 hours to the Northwestern part of Mindanao, and set foot in Dipolog City. View Larger MapContinue Reading

He finishes the meal I can no longer continue munching on saying that there are a lot of people dying because of hunger. Ending, he gains more weight and I don’t. He fixes the laundry machine when I say it is grounded. He’d rather get electrocuted than hear my endlessContinue Reading

She will be named Marie. I always dream of having a child; who doesn’t? Boy or girl, it doesn’t really matter. I want him to be an artist, a musician or a painter maybe. I wish for him to be fit and become an athlete. I desire him to haveContinue Reading

Lately, I’ve been watching the TV series Spartacus a lot. I got to familiarize myself with Batiatus, Crixus, Doctore, flesh (literally and figuratively), blood, ludus, gladiators, Lucretia, slavery, trust, and loyalty.Continue Reading

Deprived of money and time? Kuala Lumpur may seem like a big city but it takes just a pair of brawny legs, a few Ringgit, and a big water bottle to visit its most popular spots in one day. Rowjie and I successfully did it. Check out my list ofContinue Reading

Weekend Getaway isn’t only about vacation and the good life. All Weekend Warriors must complete three Travel Missions for them to know what it is like to be a native/local of the destination they are visiting. If the warriors fail, they will go home and will leave the vacation unfinished.Continue Reading

I don’t like Math and numbers. Same reason why I took a college course which I thought wouldn’t involve Math. Voila! I had Statistics, Economics, and two subjects of Algebra with grades ranging from 2.5 to 3.0 (fair to thank-all-the-saints-you-barely-made-it). Now that I am not getting any younger, I realized thatContinue Reading

It was one of my random-slash-boring afternoons when I thought of creating a post similar to what I wrote for our zine Kanto way back college—a collection of knock dead stuff about our culture. I then asked Bien to accompany me in strolling around the Tiger City. So I scribbled someContinue Reading