I am so lucky to have been chosen as one of the four winners of a round-trip plane tickets care of Cebu Pacific. Just like what I wrote, I am afraid of the sea water but I chose Siargao as my destination as I am fascinated by its world-renowned Cloud 9 waves. Dispatch Magazine, I can’t thank you enough. This is the first time I’ve ever won a travel-related contest.

Okay. I got free plane tickets but I got no free home to stay at. And so here’s what I did. I surfed the web, searched for lodges in Siargao, took note of their info (email address, website, contact number, room rates, etc.), emailed them asking if they could give me some kind of accommodation in exchange of ad placement and favorable review on my blog.

Got several replies with modest offers of discounts but I sealed a deal with ¬†Wave Cave, A Surfer’s Lodge.

Alright, everything’s set but the date. My first schedule was May 27. It was cancelled due to unavailability of flight and bad weather. Oh-kay. I got no choice but to move it to a later date, June 17 to June 20.

TRIVIA: Cebu Pacific flies to Siargao via connecting flight to Cebu during Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only. Travelers who wish to land in Surigao can ride a ferry for a three-hour trip to Siargao. Last trip leaves at 12 noon.

Now, let me show you a timeline of what happened to me last June 17, the supposed first day of my first solo trip, thanks to Typhoon Egay.

0510 – rode a cab from Libis to NAIA Terminal 3
0600 – checked-in my baggage
0615 – boarded plane
0635 – departed from MNL to CEB

Mactan: Almost Siargao
Hey James, I found you!

0720 – arrived at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport
0800 – munched on Dunkin Donuts’ munchkins
0830 – constantly switched seat positions while playing Cut the Rope
0900 – power napped
0915 – continued switching seat positions while playing Cut the Rope
0930 – browsed Facebook
0950 – started worrying since passengers were still waiting
1000 – worry has escalated, we should be boarded by now
1010 – CebPac announced Siargao’s deteriorating weather and to stand by for updates
1040 – flight cancelled

Mactan: Almost Siargao
The weather was that terrible for flights to be cancelled.

1100 – waited for my queue for assistance
1230 Рwas told that they could re-book my flight to Surigao the next day (needed to stay in Mactan at my own expense) or re-book to Siargao two days after (again, needed to stay in Mactan at my own expense) or I could just go back to Manila and have the whole trip rescheduled
1300 Рflight re-booked and would go back to Manila
1330 – ate at the expensive and not worth a mention Cafe Wien
1400 – still switching seat positions now browsing and updating Facebook

Mactan: Almost Siargao
The Mactan-Cebu airport is not worthy of its 200-peso terminal fee.

1430 – needed to pee, couldn’t hold it any longer
1500 – Cebu to Manila passengers were now swarming the boarding area
1530 – rained heavily, thought I’d be stranded
1600 – boarded, finally
1630 – departed from CEB to MNL
1720 – arrived at the NAIA Terminal 3
1730 – waited for the shuttle bus to Baclaran
1800 – bus arrived
1805 – departed NAIA to Baclaran
1845 – Baclaran to Mandaluyong by bus
1945 РMandaluyong, home-bound
2000 – home, at last

You be the judge. Was it productive at all? I was just an hour away from my dream Siargao and its Cloud 9. Why, oh, why?

Dear Siargao, I’m thinking we’re not meant for each other but I am not giving up on you! I’ll see you soon. Love, MissBackpacker


  1. Hi,

    Wave cave is a bit far from the Cloud 9 (around 4kms.). you need to get to the town proper first and ride again to Cloud 9. however, there are motorcycles that travels to General Luna town proper every now and then but it would be costly for you since from the town proper you will have to ride a habal-habal going to Cloud 9. there are budget-friendly lodges located in the town proper (sadly, it’s not free unlike Wave Cave). im just telling you this not to discourage you to stay at Wave Cave but giving you choices instead. it is still you that will decide on how you will maximize your stay in the island and at the same time minimize the expenses. oh, before i forgot if you decide to stay in the town proper, you just walk a few meters to the shoreline (which is a white sand beach) and enjoy the crystal clear waters (unlimited)! hope you will enjoy the pride of my province…

    1. Hi Lauvee! Thanks for the heads up! I’ve booked myself again for another attempt of visiting Siargao. Hope this time it works. And don’t worry, I’ll take note of your suggestions. Thanks again! Keep safe! ‚ėļ

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