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Weekend Getaway Audition Video

Persistence really pays off. And so if you are the type who easily gives up on something, it’s time to change gears. Here’s the audition video I created for GMA News TV 11’s Weekend Getaway, our ticket to Zamboanga, the farthest we’ve been!

More pictures coming up! Keep posted for my stories of the whole experience. ☺

  • Razzel

    Nice one Kaiz! ^_^

    • MissBackpacker

      Thank you, Padawan! ☺

      • nice one.what time ulit ung show?

        • MissBackpacker

          Hi! October 7, 10PM Channel 11. Thanks madami! ☺

  • Congrats again, Kaiz! Can’t wait to watch the full episode na πŸ˜€

    • MissBackpacker

      Thanks Mica! Salamat sa pagiging excited kasi ako rin. Sana October 7 na! πŸ˜€

  • Wow, Galing… πŸ™‚

    • MissBackpacker

      Yey! Thank you! Nood ikaw ha? ☺

  • woot. excited na ako manood nito!!

    • MissBackpacker

      TV Debut ni Rowjie! hehehehe

  • Nice video!

    • MissBackpacker

      Hi! Thanks for dropping by and for appreciating the video. ☺

      Nice blog! A lot of wonderful places. I hope I can visit some as well.


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  • london

    hi missbackpacker, may I just ask re: how to join the weekend getaway? where to submit the video? your response will be much appreciated..thanks!

    • MissBackpacker

      Hi! Here’s the exact instructions from WG’s fan page. πŸ™‚

      Para sa mga gustong maging Weekend Warrior ng Weekend Getaway, here’s how:

      Para maging WEEKEND WARRIOR sundin ang 3 easy steps:

      1. GUMAWA NG AUDITION VIDEO (NO TIME LIMIT) IKAW AT ANG TRAVEL BUDDY MO. (ipakita ang kakulitan at sabihin bakit kayo deserving magkaroon ng free vacation)

      2. I-SEND SA or, at i-tag sa aming facebook page ang link.

      3. Hintayin ang tawag mula sa program staff kung kayo na ang masuwerteng WEEKEND WARRIORS =)

      We’re on Twitter too, mga Biyahero! Follow us @wkendgetaway for the live Tweets of our episodes.

      Good luck! Let me know if you and your travel buddy get picked. πŸ™‚

  • kirk

    cute talaga nito! favorite aud vid after ng samen. hehe. para lang kyong NPA, puro bundok. ang saya. hehe.