For two seconds, I became a stone. You know, that thing that falls down the ground before you can even blink.

Tree Top Adventure, Subic
Screenshot from Darwin’s video.

I never knew that I am still scared of heights until the activities we had during our Tree Top Adventure visit in Subic Bay, which also has branches in Baguio and Quezon cities. The park offers eight outdoor activities for all ages, which can be arranged by packages:

    1. Canopy Ride– Our Tree Top Adventure day started subtlety with Canopy Ride. Ride a motorized cable rides and see a spectacular view of one of the virgin forests of Subic 100 feet above the ground. I bet you’d wish that your 220-meter ride won’t stop.
      Tree Top Adventure, Subic
      My feet on an empty cable ride.
    2. Maybe a short Canopy Walkalong four suspension bridges going back to the main area will do the trick.
      Tree Top Adventure, Subic
      Brenna enjoying her Canopy Walk.
    3. Superman Ride – I’ve tried Tagaytay’s zipline but Superman Ride just rocks. You’ll be surprisingly pulled backwards 100 meters high which I think made it unique from my Tagaytay experience.
    4. Trekking – For those who prefer more mellow activity, then a sightseeing of the marvelous flora and fauna of Subic’s famous virgin forest await you. It takes two hours to complete this activity.
      Tree Top Adventure, Subic
      A brief orientation before activities begin.
    5. Interactive Free Fall– Darwin, Ivan, and I really enjoyed this part. We managed to enjoy being towered up and dropped down with insane speed before the 5-time cycle ends. I promise, this will make you nuts. It’s like you’re being repeatedly dragged up and down without any warning.
      Tree Top Adventure, Subic
      Look, it’s a bird! No! They’re travel bloggers!
    6. Jungle Survival Demo – It could have been fun had we arrived earlier and seen this demo. Jungle survival lessons may come handy for those hearts with lust for outdoor adventure.
    7. Tree Drop Adventure – I have been climbing mountains for quite sometime now and I never thought that I’d be scared by a 60-feet height. Oh well, there’s always a first time. You have the option of a rappel-style descent, or a be hung like a lizard (your head first), or the extreme Australian way where you need to lay flat with your face down.

  1. Silver Surfer – We were supposed to have done this if not for the lack of time. Next time, I definitely would want to experience being rocked back and forth 80 feet above the ground. It could be exciting!

So there, have your two-second stone-like moment in Tree Top Adventure!

Tree Top Adventure
JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222
Telefax Number: +047.252.9425
Mobile: +63.920.628.8740 / +63.932.171.5729

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