After our long day at work, Rowjie and I were off at 7 AM. And since we were told that the Weekend Getaway crew would fetch us at 8 AM, we hurriedly went home because we still weren’t done packing our clothes. When we were already settled, my heart wouldn’tContinue Reading

What would you first think of if AirAsia mentions you on Twitter? First thought was I’d be flying to Kuala Lumpur. Second, I would bring Rowjie with me. Third, two VVIP tickets to 2PM’s concert. Fourth, who the eff are they?Continue Reading

They say curiosity killed the cat. I am always curious and grateful at the same time that I do not belong to the feline family else I’ll be six feet under by now while earthworms feast on my body.Continue Reading

The Ring, Feng Shui, Shutter, The Grudge, and the list goes on. These are just some of the films I can hardly forget because of the nightmares they caused me after seeing them. Hands down, I easily get scared by films with macabre, gore, and horror as its theme. IContinue Reading

Rowjie and I were fetched at our humble abode by a big van with cameras and all the glitz. We didn’t know where we were headed. All I knew was we have a very long day ahead of us. And so I closed my eyes and played sleep. Then IContinue Reading

Persistence really pays off. And so if you are the type who easily gives up on something, it’s time to change gears. Here’s the audition video I created for GMA News TV 11’s Weekend Getaway, our ticket to Zamboanga, the farthest we’ve been! More pictures coming up! Keep posted forContinue Reading

Late 2007, Rowjie and I decided to save up to go back to Boracay for another vacation. But when we already came up with the money we needed, we had a change of heart. We thought Boracay could wait. And so we spent all of our savings on mountaineering gearsContinue Reading

Location: Mabini, Batangas Date: August 13 to 14 3 2011 Present: Kaiz, Jie, and the Team Evercrest They say third time’s a charm. Oh, yes for some but not for me. I’ve scaled this mountain thrice and I never experienced anything but fun and amusement of how beautiful nature isContinue Reading

Location: Ternate, Cavite Date: July 16 to 17 2011 Present: Kaiz and Jie, Team Evercrest, Bob and Totz Team Evercrest’s family is growing bigger! And this time, we tried a more challenging mountain.Continue Reading

I am so lucky to have been chosen as one of the four winners of a round-trip plane tickets care of Cebu Pacific. Just like what I wrote, I am afraid of the sea water but I chose Siargao as my destination as I am fascinated by its world-renowned CloudContinue Reading