Travel Lookbook: Rain of Rakistang Nars

We featured this week’s guest back in March as an ex-Burgess of the Conioverse. Today, we’ll learn how Rain of the Rakistang Nars dresses herself to conform to the norms of fashion.

Because work requires me to be believable, I feign authority with all things long-sleeved and collared. But because I live by the beach, hubadera ang lola pag nasa bahay lang. Travel, as always, is another story. I become an entirely different person when on the road, depending on which end of bipolarity the moon’s gravitational pull favors at a given time: hippie one day, rockstar the next—and a whole lotta cray2x in between.

Rain of Rakistang Nars

Rain of Rakistang Nars

Rain of Rakistang Nars

Swimwear at home? Now, who does that?!? No one but Rain.

I admire the Rakistang Nars in a lot of ways—her boho lifestyle, her wanderlust, her uber cool wedding, her poetic vocabulary, and a lot more. But to know what I’m talking about, you gotta follow Rain on her travel blog. Join me in stalking her rocking and trendy world of travel, career, and anything in between!

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