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    Microtel UP Technohub

    I was heading toward what I thought was the location of the hotel I was looking for when someone yelled at me to call my attention. “Kuya, sa Microtel po,” I responded. The security guard manning the entrance gate politely asked me to come back and handed me a paper. “Pakita niyo lang po yan kapag may sumita sa inyo.” Apparently, unless you’re an employee there with a proper identification card, one cannot just walk around the area without this piece of paper. It was my first time in UP Technohub in Quezon City and didn’t know this policy. And though I felt like someone’s going to shoot me anytime, ironically, I also felt that I…

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    Pin It Pinas!

    A year ago, I did a freelance project for a startup website where I had to collect high quality images of offbeat places around the world. Halfway through the project, I realized that I should be listing down these places as I may visit them too, someday. Who knows, right? And what better way to bookmark the places than Pinterest?

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    Where I have been this 2014

    I started writing a draft for my yearender post mid-December of the past year and was able to come up with a few paragraphs already. I have been to Blah Blah on February, I visited Blah Blah on April, I was at Blah Blah last July. I was thrilled to finish it but then I realized, what do I really get from jotting down all the places I have been to? Reminiscing my 2014 takes me back to the wonderful places that I was so lucky to have visited but it just doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t make me feel happy.

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    Scam City: Bali Edition

    For the longest time, I was hesitant to go to Indonesia because of two things: Chyng Reyes’ horrific experience at the immigration and the country’s Islamic extremism. But then learning from our Singapore trip that opinions can’t always be right and besides the fact that Rowjie had been wanting to experience Indonesia, I finally shrugged off my uncertainties and booked tickets to their surf paradise that is Bali.

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    YABAG MCF Adventure Race 2014

    My YABAGMC (Yielding Across Barriers And Gateways Mountaineering Club) Friends make sure that whenever we meet, we make it memorable. Hindi lang puro inom. During the previous years, we’ve had hiking and meetings when we reminisced our childhood by wearing our old school uniforms (Mount Bulalo 2012), when we had pajama party (Tayak Hill 2013), when we wore gowns and tuxedos (Layong Bato 2012), when we became rock stars (Santa Maria 2013). It was all fun and laughter. And for our 2014 yearender, the leader of the group, Migs, thought of something new and decided to hold an adventure race.

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