Mga Mukha ng Ulingan

Location: Vitas, Tondo Date: April 30 2011 Present: The Click Freaks and Photosynthesis My photo group, The Click Freaks (TCF), wrapped up the month of April with a photo walk that we would hardly forget. The group, along with some friends and members of the photo club Photosynthesis, meandered around the streets of Vitas in Tondo, Manila last April 30, 2011 with hopes of capturing scenes from the everyday lives of its residents especially the children who work at the Ulingan.

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Viernes Santo

Location: Mandaluyong City Date: April 22 2011 Present: The Click Freaks It indeed was a Good Friday for some of the members of The Click Freaks (TCF) who went on their feet to witness and capture how devout Catholics of Mandaluyong practice mortification of flesh as proof of their faith. Being the only Catholic country in Asia, Holy Week is one of the most celebrated events by the Filipinos, which is commemorated with street processions, Pasyon, Senakulo, and a lot more. Practices of self-flagellation, despite the disapproval of the Church, are known to have started during the Spanish colonization and are very evident in Marinduque and San Fernando, Pampanga. No matter how old and peculiar our society’s customs can be, it is gratifying to see that […]

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