Batan on Motorbike

When Rowjie and I arrived in Batanes, we had no definite itinerary and basically had no idea on what we could do around the province. We were staying there for eight days and I didn’t do enough research because we wanted to just go wherever our feet take us. OrContinue Reading

What to do in Itbayat

Half day tour in Itbayat, said someone. WUT? As in WUT in high pitch! After the death-defying three-hour boat ride from Basco, ¬†after becoming a human pachinko ball, after you vomited all throughout the trip, you’re leaving again tomorrow? You must be kidding. Traveling from Basco to Itbayat isn’t aContinue Reading

Itbayat Budget Guide

Going to Itbayat, the largest among the three islands of Batanes, can be a lot expensive especially when you’re traveling alone because of its distance being the last municipality in the northernmost part of the Philippines, literally the last frontier. But hear me, it’s all worth it! Just the boatContinue Reading

All the girls in our group were having fun as we rode a paddle board and pretended it was a banana boat. To make it more realistic, we wore life vests. Iggy was pulling the board into the deeper part of Banol Beach while Emma, who was seated in front,Continue Reading

Saw the whole thing, dude. First you were all like “whoa”, and we were like “whoa”, and you were like “whoa…” – Crush, Finding NemoContinue Reading

Siargao, a laid-back town, has not fully succumbed to the wonders of technology just yet. There are no ATMs, no urban banks, stores open and close early, a ghostown at 7PM when residents are busy watching telenovelas, very rare jeepneys or any other type of transportation, decent restaurants are thoseContinue Reading

I had long dreamt of witnessing the world-renowned tubes and barrels of Cloud 9. So when I won a contest by Dispatch Magazine last May 2011 with round trip plane tickets to any local destination I prefer as prize, I, without thinking twice, chose Siargao.Continue Reading

During the early eighties and while in Bali, famous surfers Steve Jones and Tony Arroza told another legendary surfer and traveler Mike Boyum about this island in Siargao called Pansukian. Little did they know that Boyum not only visited Pansukian but went as far as today’s Cloud 9.Continue Reading