I am handcuffed and being escorted by several security officers into a dingy cell. I can hear the word Filipino in a thick Malay accent mentioned a couple of times and the rest are gibberish to my ears. The looks on the faces of the foreign people, who are nowContinue Reading

The Mayan calendar wasn’t exactly accurate when it said that we should be gone by the 21st of December last year. But come to think of it. What if doomsday is really just around the corner? Are we going to survive it or should we just accept our fate that is death?Continue Reading

I have been a Catholic since Lord knows when and went to Catholic schools with conservative teachings and rules all my life. My everyday experiences as a grown-up changed my faith a bit but I still remain a follower of The Creator. I am not practicing as what others callContinue Reading

Dear Maya, How are you? You might think that I am mad writing this letter but you gotta read. I first saw you on a movie house when I was still what, 13 or 14. I remember you were wearing your pearl white dress with a bright blue scarf. Virgin-like,Continue Reading

You’re done with the Cu Chi Tunnels tour in Vietnam but still want to cross to Cambodia for some temple hopping? Here’s what you need to do in the borders of Moc Bai and Bavet when traveling by public bus.Continue Reading

Do you remember how it felt like the first time you did it? Have you really thought about it before doing it? Was it scary? Was it something you won’t forget while you still live? So, how was your first sleeping-in-the-airport experience? It scares me so much that I haven’tContinue Reading

Children, do not confuse yourself. Hanoi has Ho Chi Minh Museum which was built to honor the late Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh. Now, there’s also Ho Chi Minh City Museum located in District 1 of Saigon and that’s where we went. The only museum I recall that I’ve beenContinue Reading

I know a country where there are a lot of motorbikes. And when I say a lot, I mean MILLIONS. Development in Vietnam is pretty obvious. Just think of how bicycles, in which the country is famous for, were quickly replaced by a massive volume of motorbikes.Continue Reading

Our friend EJ, a big Che Guevarra sucker, requested that we buy him a cap with a single star design similar to his icon’s famous beret. Che’s from Cuba and we’re going to Vietnam. I didn’t see the connection.Continue Reading