Anh Dao Guesthouse

Do you remember how it felt like the first time you did it? Have you really thought about it before doing it? Was it scary? Was it something you won’t forget while you still live? So, how was your first sleeping-in-the-airport experience? It scares me so much that I haven’t tried it yet.

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Ho Chi Minh City Museum

Children, do not confuse yourself. Hanoi has Ho Chi Minh Museum which was built to honor the late Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh. Now, there’s also Ho Chi Minh City Museum located in District 1 of Saigon and that’s where we went. The only museum I recall that I’ve been to prior this was the National Museum in Manila. I couldn’t remember the other museums I visited during our educational field trips in gradeschool. So when we arrived in Saigon, we didn’t waste our time and set foot in the old Ho Chi Minh City Museum. Old?

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The Scooter Country

I know a country where there are a lot of motorbikes. And when I say a lot, I mean MILLIONS. Development in Vietnam is pretty obvious. Just think of how bicycles, in which the country is famous for, were quickly replaced by a massive volume of motorbikes.

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