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The Minions and their Backpacks

I am MissBackpacker.

And these are my Minions.

May I present to you The Minions and their travel weapons and by that I mean, their backpacks along with some things to consider when choosing the right packs.

The North Face Vault 30L

Activity – Of course, a leather luggage isn’t appropriate for hiking or fast-paced traveling. And so before spending thousands on a Hermes trolley, determine the type of activity in which the bag will be used for.

Montanara 45 + 10L

Capacity – Are you the type who loves to carry small luggage yet multiple in number? Or do you prefer just one baggage with all of your stuff in it? Sizes of bags are usually measured by liters.

Deuter Futura 28L

Fitting – Just because a bag is Lilliputian in size doesn’t mean it’ll fit a petite user. It’s always best to check that the backpack or day-pack is according to the length of your torso. If the size of the bag doesn’t suit you, it’ll hurt like hell. Believe me, I’ve been there.

The North Face Terra 45L

Materials and Durability – There are really big bags in the market which equate to 60-liter backpacks that use substandard materials. Before spending your cash on a backpack, make a study on the quality of the materials used. You wouldn’t want to load your bag with your priced belongings and end up losing all of them during a climb or travel.

The North Face Overhaul 40L

Padding – These are sometimes taken for granted, I don’t know why. But I’d rather have a funky backpack (padding is the best absorbent of sweat) than swollen hips or shoulders, if you know what I mean.

Deuter Race X 14L

Features/Technology – Backpacks and day-packs that have been released 2003 are still being manufactured with the same tag or name but with developed and better features. What may not be available back then are now incorporated in today’s backpack technology.

Jansport Catamount 32L

Style – If you have noticed, there are really loads of backpack styles to choose from. You have the bulky type, the slimmer yet taller, those that have top lid, with compartment, and a lot more.

Deuter Futura 50 + 10 Vario

Access – There are backpacks that have pockets and compartments that are hidden and really difficult to access. Check that the bag you are aiming to buy has parts that can easily be accessed regardless of your activity.

Jansport Superbreak Colorblock Classics

Budget – We pay for quality, that’s what we always say. But quality doesn’t need to be expensive. There are local brands that have the same quality and sometimes better than branded backpacks. Ask people who have purchased bags from the local market then compare.

Jansport SuperBreak Day Dreamin

Now that you have some ideas, your hunt for the best backpack is on.

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