You are a noob in the world called camping-slash-mountaineering and don’t know what kind of bag to use where all your stuff could fit in. Here, a little advice that can help you with your backpack vs daypack dilemma.

Backpack vs Daypack
My old yet still reliable backpacks and day packs.

So what are the differences between the two? Well, there’s no known law or rule on what makes one different from another. But as a common knowledge, a backpack is larger than a day pack.

A day pack (around 22L – 30L) is a bag that can carry your things enough for your activities within the day. It can be large enough for a few clothes, water container, trail food, personal toiletries, first aid kit, cameras. It is ideal for day hikes.

Hardwear Fluid 26
I usually use my Mountain Hardwear Fluid 26 for day hikes.

A backpack (around 35L and above), however, can be large enough for all your equipment for several days. It can carry your tent, sleeping bag, ropes, lantern, cook set, stove, clothes, and a lot more depending on the type of your activities. Backpacks have well-engineered back frames, wide waist straps, advanced shoulder straps, and storage compartments that are not present with day packs. This kind of bag is mostly used during expeditions that can last days, weeks, or months.

Mountain Hardwear Trad
My backpack at the moment, a Mountain Hardwear Trad.

Now that we know the basic differences between a backpack and a day pack, it is now your task to learn the techniques of packing. If you pack properly, you will be surprised on how you are able to fit an amazing amount of your two-day things into a day pack. Like me, I only use my backpack if my activities will last three or more days. Great, isn’t it? The smaller the bag is, the freer you can move.

What are you waiting for? Go and invest on a decent backpack or day pack that will be your companion on your future outdoor activities. There are a lot of outdoor gear makers that produce high-quality bags with technologies that you can’t even think of. An integrated urinal perhaps. JK.

Backpack vs Day pack. So, which won?

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