Travel Guide: Itbayat Island

How to get to Itbayat From the capital Basco, you can either ride a boat or a plane to Itbayat. Below are the details: [su_tabs active=”7″][su_tab title=”By Boat”]Entry Point: Chinapoliran Port Exit Point: Basco Port Mode of Transportation: Boat via M/B Itransa or M/B Ocean Spirit Fare: P450 one-way Travel Time: 3 hours Contact #:  +63 939 918 6580 (M/B Ocean Spirit) and +63 908 502 2814 (M/B Itransa)[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”By Plane”]Entry Point: Itbayat Airport Exit Point: Basco Airport Mode of Transportation: Plane via NorthSky Fare: P1850 one-way Travel Time: 7 minutes Contact #: +63 929 794 3513[/su_tab][/su_tabs]

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Itbayat in One Day

What to do in Itbayat

Half day tour in Itbayat, said someone. WUT? As in WUT in high pitch! After the death-defying three-hour boat ride from Basco,  after becoming a human pachinko ball, after you vomited all throughout the trip, you’re leaving again tomorrow? You must be kidding. Traveling from Basco to Itbayat isn’t a joke. If you need two days to see the major spots in Batan, what more with Itbayat being the largest among the three islands of Batanes.  There is so much to see in this amazing town! A whole day tour isn’t enough let alone five hours. So please, don’t cut your Itbayat stay short.

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Itbayat Island Budget Guide

Itbayat Budget Guide

Going to Itbayat, the largest among the three islands of Batanes, can be a lot expensive especially when you’re traveling alone because of its distance being the last municipality in the northernmost part of the Philippines, literally the last frontier. But hear me, it’s all worth it! Just the boat ride alone is one thing you cannot forget for the rest of your life.

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The day I called Saints and their Families

Basco to Itbayat Boat Ride

Rowjie wakes up at 5:00 AM. It is drizzling and still very cold. He wakes me up. I fixed myself and brushed my teeth. I did not dare take a bath because the water was too frikken cold. He calls the contact person of the MB Ocean Spirit at 5:30 AM; the person on the other line confirms that the 6:00 AM trip to Itbayat is pushing through this time. Yes! We’re sticking to our planned schedule. The trip the other day was cancelled because of the bad weather. At 5:45, we are on our way to the port, which is just a good 5-minute walk from our lodge.

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