Three Idiots Abroad

When you only have a few hours to experience one of the saddest countries in the world, you won’t really be lonely at all. You have time and pressure as your company. And though I only spent a day in Singapore (SG), there were just so many happy things that I won’t forget about this […]

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Malas ka, Malacca!

While looking for spots to visit in Malaysia that are not in Kuala Lumpur yet not so distant from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), I stumbled upon Malacca or Melaka in Malay in some of my friends’ blog posts. Since it is listed as one of the UNESCO World […]

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Sabtang Island, Batanes

When we first set foot in Batanes, we really had no idea of what we would do in the province. And since we only have eight days to accomplish everything we could, we needed to come up with some sort of itinerary. We asked around and gathered some leaflets and flyers from travel agencies near […]

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Big Badass Buddha

Since Rowjie and I had plenty of time to see, visit, or do whatever that we could while we were in Phuket, we decided to just go to Big Buddha, Wat Chalong, Phuket Weekend Market, and Old Town. We first went to Big Buddha.

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Travel Guide: Itbayat Island

How to get to Itbayat From the capital Basco, you can either ride a boat or a plane to Itbayat. Below are the details: [su_tabs active=”7″][su_tab title=”By Boat”]Entry Point: Chinapoliran Port Exit Point: Basco Port Mode of Transportation: Boat via M/B Itransa or M/B Ocean Spirit Fare: P450 one-way Travel Time: 3 hours Contact #: […]

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Basco: North Batan


Basco, the gateway to the northernmost province of the Philippines, is also the capital of Batanes. Located in Batan Island, Basco is politically divided into six barangays—Ihubok II (Kayvaluganan), Ihubok I (Kaychanarianan), San Antonio, San Joaquin, Chanarian, Kayhuvokan—making it the largest municipality in the island in terms of population and land area.

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Mahatao: South Batan


Mahatao is definitely one of the most famous municipalities in Batan Island because of its several popular tourist attractions. It also is the town next to Basco when you’re going to the southern part of the island via the National Road. Mahatao is divided into four barangays: Hanib, Kaumbakan, Panatayan, and Uvoy. It is the smallest […]

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Batan Island on Motorbike

Batan on Motorbike

When Rowjie and I arrived in Batanes, we had no definite itinerary and basically had no idea on what we could do around the province. We were staying there for eight days and I didn’t do enough research because we wanted to just go wherever our feet take us. Or maybe I was just too […]

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