The past night had been the coldest to date. If not for the sleeping bag that was provided to us by our trekking agency, Adventure Mountain Explore Treks (AME Treks), I should be dead by now due to hypothermia. And though I felt better, I still woke up to theContinue Reading

How lovely it was to wake up feeling all well! And as part of our daily morning routine during our trek to the Everest Base Camp (EBC), we packed our stuff, freshened up, and had our breakfast. I once again do not recall what I ate that morning but IContinue Reading

Waking up to clothes you wore the day before which absorbed all your sweat and whatnots, who wouldn’t enthusiastically jump out of their beds to change and freshen up themselves? Rise and shine, Budiday! It’s Day 3 and you have a wonderful day ahead of you! Alright. The headache had goneContinue Reading

When I woke up the next day, I no longer was feeling the headache that ruined my night in Phakding. I felt so much relief knowing that it wasn’t altitude mountain sickness or AMS that struck me the day before. Yipee! No one’s gonna send me back home! Hello, Everest Base Camp TrekContinue Reading

When an activity commences (regardless of its kind), all involved are in high spirits. But how can you maintain such energy if that activity will last for 14 days? This is Day 1 of 14 of our Everest Base Camp trek. There are two ways to reach the main jumpoff pointsContinue Reading

After I’ve seen this one show in History Channel titled Most Extreme Airports where Tenzing-Hillary Airport or more popularly known as Lukla Airport topped the list, I have always wondered how extreme the airport really is. Is it really a gateway to death? You’d be surprised with what I found out when I finally had theContinue Reading