Wawa Dam not from Montalban

Location: Rodriguez, Rizal
Date: July 3 2011
Present: Kaiz, Jie, and HAKAMS

So it is inappropriate to label my photo albums with Wawa Dam, San Rafael, Montalban, Rizal because Montalban has long been replaced by Rodriguez (1982). I stand corrected.

Wawa Dam
Strong water flow, right?
Wawa Dam
Wawa Dam
An old school Caltex station somewhere in Rizal.

[su_note]TRIVIA: The legend of Bernardo Carpio is believed to have had happened in the mountains of Rodriguez.[/su_note]

Hakbang Kalikasan Mountaineering Society (HAKAMS) conducts a Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) every year in hopes of promoting responsible mountaineering to adventure advocates who would then become members of the society after completing a year-long set of trainings (first aid, ropemanship, compass navigation, map reading, etc.). The group has been conducting the BMC in Rodriguez, Rizal for the past years.

Wawa Dam
HAKAM’s 10th Batch of trainees.

This year’s my third visit in San Rafael where the famous Wawa Dam is located. And this year’s the only time I’ve seen the dam overflowing with water and it’s amazing! That was the closest I could get to a dam, dammit! LOL

A hike to the Pamitinan Cave is usually part of the BMC, including my batch’s (2007). I consider it my first official and literal hike. I almost cursed mountaineering back then. I thought I’d die after that hike because it was sooo frikken tiresome. Oh well, who would’ve thought that a few years after my cussing scenario, I have already climbed some of the country’s highest mountains.

MissBackpacker | Where Have You Been Lately?
Circa 2007

I didn’t know that the cave I used to call “bat cave” is a historic site wherein Andres Bonifacio with eight other katipuneros first declared their independence from Spain (April 1895), which was a year before the start of the Philippine revolution. According to what I’ve read, Pamitinan Cave still bears the inscription of the katipuneros, ” Viva la Independencia Filipinas.” Too bad for me I haven’t seen it the first time and no way I am going back to that cave. It’s like the live version of Joe’s Apartment with live, gigantic, and funky cockroaches.

That’s it for me and Wawa. I hope to see you, again, next year!

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