Mga Mukha ng Ulingan

Location: Vitas, Tondo
Date: April 30 2011
Present: The Click Freaks and Photosynthesis

My photo group, The Click Freaks (TCF), wrapped up the month of April with a photo walk that we would hardly forget.

The group, along with some friends and members of the photo club Photosynthesis, meandered around the streets of Vitas in Tondo, Manila last April 30, 2011 with hopes of capturing scenes from the everyday lives of its residents especially the children who work at the Ulingan.

Ulingan is a small slum area in Vitas located near the North Harbor where the Manila Bay and the Pasig River meet. The place is also known as Sitio Damayan, a rather ironic name as the community does not receive any subsidy from its local government. Ulingan came from the root word uling (charcoal in the vernacular), whereas it means “a place where charcoal is made.”

With the help of HGS’ Manila HR head Ms. Vida Arciaga, Mr. Tony Sanoy, and the management of Project Infinity, the groups were able to distribute a few loot bags containing canned goods, rice, and noodles.

Members of TCF and Photosynthesis wish to inspire everyone through the photos they’ve taken to be more appreciative of what we have right now and to share their blessings whenever we can even in our own little ways.

Below is the set of photos I was able to capture.

[flickr_set id=”72157638895814644″ no_pages=”false”]

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  1. May I ask something? Do you know someone from Ulingan,Tondo, who has managed to get a college diploma? Thanks for the response!

    1. Hi Alyssa! I am sorry but I know no one from Vitas. Permit is not needed so we just went there without any advice to the residents. I hope you can find someone who can help you. Thanks for visiting the site! Cheers! ☺

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