Top Things to do in the Philippines

With all our 7,107 islands and diverse culture, listing all the things that can be done in the Philippines is like finding a needle in a haystack. So here, for my non-Filipino readers (if there are any), let me give you my version of top 7 things to do when in the Philippines.

Party or Beach Bum in Boracay
I’d have one of my precious fingers cut if you, by this time, still haven’t heard of this small island off Aklan in Visayas with oh-so fine, white sand great for beach bumming. Yep, Boracay not Bora. The party life here is also craz-eh, if you know what I mean.

What to do in the Philippines
Cira 2007. I couldn’t find a better picture so please bear with me, digital cameras that time weren’t hyped yet. That person in the photo’s my husband.

Food Trip in Binondo
Because of the number of restaurants serving various food and cuisines, one shouldn’t miss a food trip in Binondo, Manila. Most are Chinese-style but nevertheless, all kinds of food here are remarkable in their own ways. Would you believe that a pamphlet of some sort with a list of food spots in Binondo was published because of the town’s popularity, gastronomically speaking.

What to do in the Philippines
I forgot what it’s called but it sure tasted great.

Surfing in Siargao
In a remote area somewhere in Surigao del Norte, Mindanao lies a world-renowned surf spot called Cloud 9 (named after a local chocolate bar). Known for its great barrels and tubes, an annual international surfing competition is being held here where loads of foreign nationalities and tourists from all parts of the world make their way to the island.

What to do in the Philippines
That famous lighthouse and local residents getting ready for surf practice. Oh, just another ordinary day in their lives, which most tourist surfers envy.

Road Trip in Marilaque
If United States has state road trip, we have our very own town and city crossing too! In just a matter of an hour or two, you can already cross four of the known parts of Luzon: Marikina, Rizal, Laguna, and Quezon or Marilaque. Believe me, the view and scenery along the way are just awesome. And oh, a lot of good small carinderia serving hot bulalo too!

What to do in the Philippines
Those goats were just hilarious. They seem not care if they get run over by speeding vehicles.

Snorkel and Diving in Palawan
It’s no secret that 70% of the Philippines is made up of water (that’s the least I can remember from my Geography classes, please correct me if I am wrong). So what to do when you have that so much water? Go, snorkel or dive! Discover unique aquatic species, some are even inhabiting just in the Philippine waters and can’t be found anywhere else. Isn’t that great?

What to do in the Philippines
Philippines has some seriously big aquariums. Just look at this one.

Mountain Climbing in Canlaon
We may have minute mountains compared to Mount Everest but the Philippine mountains are rich in flora and fauna. Easier to climb, less budget required, and more time to have fun along the trails are just some of the advantages of our tropical mountains over those in the Alps. The view at the top is nothing but breathtaking.

What to do in the Philippines
View of the amazing Margaja Valley from the peak of Mount Kanlaon.

Photo Walk in Intramuros
Regardless of the number of times you’ve been to Intramuros, the former walled capital of Manila, you’ll always find something interesting here, too interesting not to take photos of. Haunting, ancient, aesthetically great. There are just so many words to describe this old city.

What to do in the Philippines
One of the great, ancient structures in the walled city of Intramuros.

So my dear friend, if you haven’t been to the Philippines and still having doubts about my beloved country, book a flight now! We have a lot of low-cost airlines offering cheap Manila airfares that can safely bring you here. I swear you won’t regret flying hundreds or thousands of miles. You know, it’s more fun in the Philippines.

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