The Waves are Calling

Actually, there were no waves. Only a few decent ones.

Baler, Aurora
Flat season in Sabang Beach.

This has been my third visit in Baler (I’m bragging, so what?) but this is the only time I’ve tried surfing. As you all know me, I don’t know how to swim and the idea of drowning scares the shit out of me. So when I’m in a beach, I prefer to just stay at the shore and satisfy myself with the view. It was only last April that I had the courage to try boogieboarding in Bagasbas Beach of Camarines Norte and found out that I love it!

Bagasbas Beach, Camarines Norte
My first try of bodyboarding in Bagasbas.

Well, boogieboarding or bodyboarding is a different story. I thought I’d be contented riding a board that requires nothing from me but wait for the perfect wave to sweep me to the shore. But when I saw all of my friends, even the non-sporty ones, try surfing, why shouldn’t I?

Sabang Beach, Baler

Sabang Beach, Baler

At first, and with the boogieboard we rented firmly attached to my body, I gave so many excuses―that I didn’t listen to the surf instructor, that I was afraid I couldn’t stand on the board, that I might get drowned. Thanks to my friends who were persistent in pushing me to do something which I long thought wouldn’t be possible.

Sabang Beach, Baler

The initial try was a wipe-out. Sorry friends, binigo ko kayo.

Sabang Beach, Baler

But they didn’t let me give up the fight and so I tried it again. The second attempt was a homerun!

Sabang Beach, Baler

One thing  that I’ve learned from my first surfing experience is that happiness depends on being able to do something you thought you couldn’t. Had I not summoned up the courage to try riding that surfboard, I wouldn’t know I could and how rewarding it could be.

For so long, I contented myself with hearing stories of how thrilling surfing is, with just painting the scene on my mind. It was plain wrong. I should’ve gone and tried to unfold my own legend instead of daydreaming.

Sabang Beach, Baler

As the great Vincent van Gogh once said, “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

So for those who have long been wanting to try surfing but are just too scared of falling or drowning, brave your fears. The feeling of being stoked is something that you CANNOT just hear from stories.

Now, please excuse me. The waves are already calling.

Sabang Beach, Baler

 Other Baler attractions 
Diguisit FallsErmita HillOld Balete TreeDitumabo Falls
Diguisit Falls
Picture taken in 2011.
Diguisit Falls
View in front of the Diguisit Falls.
Tromba Marina
The sculpture that depicts what happened during the night of December 27, 1735.
Ermita Hill
At the foot of Ermita Hill.
Baler Bay
View of the Baler Bay from the view deck of Ermita Hill.
The Old Balete Tree
It’s really gigantic and eerie.

The Old Balete Tree

Ditumabo Falls
The Mother Falls

Ditumabo Falls

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