My knowledge of Lambanog and its roots is close to zero. All I know is that it’s an alcoholic beverage which has been around since the Spanish colonial era. I promise to bring you more stories about this native brew in my next posts.

For now, I can’t wait to share this small collection of videos taken during one of our boring nights in the mountain. See how lychees that are plunged in a bottle of Lambanog for two months could make your world turn upside down.

Apologies for the low resolution of the video and my noobery with video editing (the hi-res version will take 1381294821374823 years to upload). Have fun, anyway!

Submitted for the approval of the Team Evercrest, I call this story…


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  1. I have my own Lambanog experience. I can’t tell the story kasi my companions told me I went out of my mind and did sleepwalking and there is something else na hindi pa nila sinasabi sakin. Hindi ko na uulitin.

    1. Hi Dee!

      Whoa! Mataas daw kasi ang alcohol content ng lambanog. Pero for you to get out of your mind, ibang klaseng lambanog yun ah! Hindi mo na nga talaga uulitin yun.

      Thanks for dropping by! ☺

    1. Doi, hindi ko ni-try, korni kasi ako eh. hehe

      Pero sabi nilang lahat, pagka-kagat mo sa lychee para na syang gin na sumasabog sa bibig. Tapos pag tina-try daw nila lunukin, umaahon pabalik sa bibig! hahaha

      Next time, sabi namen cherry naman. ☺

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