Kidlat Climb

Location: San Pablo, Laguna
Date: June 4 to 5 2011
Present: Kaiz, Bien, Tibog, Migs, Kidlat, and other Mountaineering Friends

When Agot was still carrying her yet-to-be-born son, she wanted to name him Kidlat as she was so fascinated with Norsemen’s god of thunder, Thor, son of Odin and carrier of Mjolnir. She couldn’t let go of the idea of a topless Thor and his bikini line.

Oh well, I was just making that up and it’s actually me who is bewitched by Thor or shall I say Chris Hemsworth’s beauty. (Photo by Flicks and Bits)

Everything really started during one of June 2007’s very humid days. HAKAMS organized an open climb where most of the participants were members of the SPI Mountaineering Society (SPIMC). The objective of the activity was to scale the alluring Mount Balingkilat or Mount Pointed Peak as what one of the commonly used maps labels it. The climb wasn’t easy, I am telling you, but it was worth all the excruciating heat and painful climbing. Balingkilat or Baling Kidlat (as a description of the mountain’s physique) in the native Aeta dialect , is incomparable and should be included in every mountaineer’s bucket list.

And since I am already speaking of gods and marvels, lemme say that Agot, one of the SPIMC mountaineers, was a knockout back then (and even up to now) and one of the few pretty faces who caught our attention, Migs’ attention. *ahem, ahem*

Now, who would’ve thought that four years after Mount Balingkilat became a witness to then-blossoming love affair of Migs and Agot, I will be posting this entry about Bjorn Zion aka Kidlat and his third birthday celebration?

A year after Agot gave birth to their first born, the couple started this annual climb in commemoration to the wonderful gift given by the mountain, that is Kidlat. Shame on me, this is the first time I have attented it. I am seriously thinking of quitting my job to become a full-time mountaineer-slash-scavenger.

This year’s climb was held at Mount Mabilog, a fairly new mountain to the climbing community. The mountain’s located in Barangay Sta. Catalina (San Pablo, Laguna). A view of the peaks of majestic Banahaw and Cristobal can be seen from its campsite.

But this year’s Kidlat climb isn’t like the first two as Agot and Migs decided to bring the celebrant himself, Kidlat. There, we wore party hats, twisted balloons, played games usually played during children’s parties, and of course, sang Kidlat a birthday song.

Happy Birthday, Godson! May you have a fruitful and healthy life ahead of you. Cheers to more years of climbing and friendship!

Kidlat Climb
Nanay Agot and Baby Kidlat during our first rest in Kaingin.
Kidlat Climb
The Fruit Salad Game
Kidlat Climb
The 30-plus participants of Kidlat Climb.
Kidlat Climb
View of the Banahaw and Cristobal mountains.

A birthday party can’t be a birthday party without the birthday song.

MissBackpacker | Where Have You Been Lately?
I really find this one funny. December 2009, Migs tagged me in one of their underwater photos. I was laughing real hard upon seeing it because Migs looked more anxious than Kidlat. June 2011, I’ve finally came to my senses that he was telling no lies when he said it indeed was scary to have a photo of a kid taken underwater.
Kidlat Climb
Kidlat’s Friendship Bracelet

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