How to Travel Cheap, Really Cheap

My hatred for packaged tour is priceless. It all began when, in my POV, we were scammed by a travel agency after our first trip to Coron, Palawan. We were forced to pay a whopping P10,400 for a 4D3N trip. Too much, eh?

Sure, unplanned trips are far more exciting than wasting your time prepping up and creating itineraries. Downside is, you don’t get to know stuff that could be vital and helpful to your trip. Here are some tips on paying less but travelling more.

1. The Fare Sale Wait

Photo by AirAsia

Patience is a real virtue. Would you believe that I only paid P236.00 for a roundtrip plane ticket off to Palawan? It is because I waited.

Watching out for seat sales is one of my favorite hobbies. Why pay for thousands when you can have a-few-hundreds-worth of plane tickets? It is even more practical to book months ahead your trip since it gives you an ample time of planning, doing research, haggling, and all other things related to your trip.

I’m pretty sure that you’re not born yesterday and that you have social networking accounts. Airlines usually announce their upcoming/current sale on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

2. The Cut-Price Hospice

Photo by Deepend

Yesterday, encyclopedias were of big help. Today, internet is a digital demigod. The best seach phrase to use is “your destination + hotel.” Top results mean hotels or lodges or resorts or whatever you wanna call it that are mostly visited by web surfers which could also mean mostly visited physically.

Make a list of their contact numbers, email, website, and fees. Once enough or satisfied, compare the information you gathered. From there, send them a message mentioning your scheduled trip and the number of people you are bringing along with you. Who knows, you might be given a discount.

Lodges with the best offer and decent features win.

3. Research like there’s no tomorrow

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When looking for a place to stay, most lodges or hotels also offer packaged-activities you can try while on your vacation. That being said, you already are given an idea on what to do during your trip.

Look up for places with historical significance, islands or lakes where you can enjoy some water activities, best restaurants, gift shops for pasalubong, and other things you need to spend on.

This part will define the rest of your trip so be sure to be detailed with everything.

4. Breaking the Bank

Photo by Press Play Pro

It is indeed true that when on a vacation, you tend to spend over your budget. A big no-no. What if you run out of cash and yet there’s no ATM within the area nor credit card machine that could read your credit cards?

Tedious it may be but accounting your expenses will help you keep track of the money, which you worked hard for, you already spent.

5. Learn and Unlearn

Photo by Ubi Orbi

Your vacation can be one of the best experiences you’d ever have. Cherish every moment of it but do not forget to learn and unlearn things, which you can share with people who wishes to have the same trip as yours.

Learn and unlearn stuff that can’t be found over the demigod internet. First hand experience is always the best.

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