Yo soy El Supremo

I was just planning to post the itinerary I made (whew!) for our second visit in Coron next month, but a great news can’t wait. ☺

MissBackpacker | Where Have You Been Lately?
I am an El Supremo!

I am still in the process of making myself believe that this is for real. I have joined several travel contests already and, yes, this is my first victory. Thank you so much, Dispatch Media Group!

And the winning entry?

Coron, Palawan

I love animals but I don’t own one. I eat a lot but I don’t know how to cook. I always join contests but won not even once. I write prolifically but please don’t let me speak publicly. I am such a stubborn when I am really afraid of my mom. I am vulnerable but I am strong.

I am in love with the mountains and all the beautiful beaches but I never was a fan of any water activities for fear of drowning. However, if the sea is as clear as crystal and the scene underwater is as marvelous as life, the heck with my fear and all the sea creatures below staring at me as if saying, “we will eat you alive!” What’s more gratifying than conquering your fear and being able to see something which you won’t encounter in your everyday life? None.

These are just some of my life’s little ironies. Dispatch Media, pick me and I promise to show you how I would defeat, again, my Aquaphobia with my next underwater photo.

Coron’s next month and so is my promised Clash with Underwater photo. Now, where to go? ☺

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