Coron Entrance Fees

Alright, I am not alone in peeving about Coron’s not-so-cheap and unorganized collection of entrance fees to each of its islands/lakes/beaches. I have read a lot of complaints about it.

Apparently, good thing for future travelers, a resolution created by Coron’s LGU on collective fee for all destinations is an ongoing talk among its town officials.

But for now, tourists still need to pay the following entrance fees (as of May 2011):

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Are these rates accurate as you read this post? Not sure. But don’t worry; I’ll update this list once I find any discrepancies (Please feel free to shoot me an email as well).

As for boat rental, I recommend Ate Rowena (+639097257565), owner of the boat we rode during our last visit. Rowjie and I were so pleased with how his brother Jojo (and company), who was driving Ate Rowena’s boat, managed to keep our bumpy boat rides, ironically, smooth and very comfortable. I had difficulties in finding him since I lost his contact number. But the intelligent maker is indeed good and helped me find ways of getting in touch with Jojo. Their boat can carry up to 20 people, one of the few big boats in Coron.

Below are her rates:

  • Calumboyan Tour – Php 4500
  • Calauit Wildlife Tour – Php 8500
  • Coron Loop – Php 2000
  • Malcapuya Tour -Php 4000

You can still try to haggle but, please, not too much. Remember that these people rely only on their boats and it’s their only mean of feeding their families.

MissBackpacker | Where Have You Been Lately?
Ate Rowena and the Juju Crew

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