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Bucket List: Maldives

This is the first entry for my Bucket List series.

How cool can it possibly be to visit an archipelago of 1200-plus coral islands before it fully sinks underwater? Totally awesome!

MissBackpacker | Where Have You Been Lately?
Who can resist a place as beautiful as Mal… err, Bora Bora? Sadly, this isn’t Maldives. Scroll down to see the real beauty.

If you haven’t heard of Maldives yet, you might be wondering where on earth is this amazing place located. It is situated in the Laccadive Sea, roughly 400 kilometers south-west of India and 700 KM south-west of Sri Lanka. If that still didn’t make any sense, then look at the map below, which will give you an idea how far PH from Maldives is.

MissBackpacker | Where Have You Been Lately?
Google Maps could not calculate directions between the two nations but according to travelmath.com, it’s 3481 miles or 5602 km.

There are no direct flights to Maldives and the trip can be done via any of the following:

  • Manila – Kuala Lumpur – Maldives
  • Manila – Singapore – Maldives
  • Manila – Bangkok – Maldives

A lot more routes can be taken if you want to pass by other countries such as via Chennai in India or Colombo in Sri Lanka but it’ll be tedious for budget travelers like me so I guess I’ll start saving up for one of the routes mentioned above.

Another thing that excites me whenever hearing the word Maldives is a visa at no cost! One can easily enter the country by presenting a passport valid for at least six months, proof or documents of sufficient funds, and a return ticket (or plane tickets and visa to other destinations). If you have all of that, enjoy your 30-day Maldives visa.

MissBackpacker | Where Have You Been Lately?
Note to self: Must learn how to swim before the year ends. Maldives will be less fun with life jackets on.
MissBackpacker | Where Have You Been Lately?
I gotta enjoy the fine white sand of this nation before it fully becomes submerged underwater.

On a different note, most of us are too focused on the fact that Maldives will be erased from the map in the near future we then tend to forget that if this can happen to one nation, it isn’t impossible that Philippines might share the same fate.


UPDATE: February 9 2012 – Recently received two consecutive comments on this post saying that the first photo is actually in Bora Bora and not in Maldives.

The highest point in the Maldives is seven feet above sea level. The top picture here captioned “Who can resist a place as beautiful as Maldives?” appears to be Bora Bora in the South Pacific.
How pathetic is this site??? – David of astronomicum@yahoo.com

That top picture looks beatiful- only problem with it is that the highest elevation in the Maldives is only 7 feet above sea level. Oh well, facts… – r of secondairy@gmail.com

I am not sure if they (or could be just one individual using two different names or IP address) trying to annoy me or correct the mistake I committed. This wasn’t intentional. I haven’t been to Maldives nor know how this place really looks like. I only relied on photos that I found online. Sadly, THIS is the root of all of these. Next time, I’ll be more cautious in using other people’s photographs even if credited (notice that sources of all photos without my watermark are cited by hovering your mouse over the images).

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