More Fun with MoreFun Prepaid Card

So you purchased souvenirs from a store in Boracay and you hand the sales person your debit card. It is just like any other ordinary cards. The only difference is, the magnificent Chocolate Hills in Bohol is printed on your card instead of the usual boring plain templates. How cool is that! The poor salesman has to look twice and almost can’t believe that you’re using a legit debit card. Thanks to the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) in partnership with Visa and Department of Tourism (DOT) for its funky More Fun Prepaid Card!

BPI More Fun Prepaid Visa Card
Photo provided by BPI

BPI More Fun Prepaid Visa Card

You can get your own More Fun Prepaid Card by just filling out an online application form, choosing a photo from the gallery for the design of the card or uploading your best shot promoting Philippine tourism, and adding your tagline. That’s it! Easy as 1-2-3. When everything has been validated by the system, you should receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to claim your card once approved and ready. Processing shouldn’t take longer than seven business days. A minimal amount of Php250 as transaction fee will be asked from applicants when claiming the card from his/her preferred BPI branch.

BPI More Fun Prepaid Visa Card

BPI More Fun Prepaid Visa Card BPI More Fun Prepaid Visa Card BPI More Fun Prepaid Visa Card BPI More Fun Prepaid Visa Card

Now, what makes this card extra special aside from its customizable design? Not only you’re helping in the promotion of our country’s natural beauty, BPI has also partnered with lots of local establishments where cardholders can enjoy perks, freebies, discounts, and more benefits. But wait, all the fun don’t end there. The card, which can be used not only with travel-related transactions, requires no maintaining balance and can be loaded up to Php 100,000 without charges nor interests. Checking your balance is even better because all you have to do is text a short code to a certain number using your mobile phone or just by calling a hotline.
BPI More Fun Prepaid Visa Card
Your welcome kit with all the details you need printed at the back of the letter. PS: Forgive the quality of this picture.

Given all these awesome news, you still can’t blame one who may think that this shopping system may be flawed. After all, we work hard for every penny we spend so we really gotta be careful when it comes to money transactions. What I did was, I get myself a card (too bad though that it wasn’t printed the way I wanted it to be), loaded it, checked my balance, and used it to buy something online. After the transaction, which, I thought, went through, I again checked my balance. True enough, my purchase was a success and the posting of my remaining balance is in real-time.

BPI More Fun Prepaid Visa Card
I felt disappointed that this wasn’t quite how the picture I submitted looked like. It was cropped drastically.
BPI More Fun Prepaid Visa Card
Real-time posting of balance is impressive.

Some may find a debit card not useful at all. But come to think of it. When you carry a debit card, from my own point-of-view, it makes you more conscious of the money you’re going to let go. Every cent is used unlike when you’re carrying cash that some coins end up living in the pockets of your bags or wallets for a long period of time. And the perks of being a cardholder are definitely more fun!

Grab your own More Fun Prepaid Card and have your own share of promoting our country’s tourism. Visit BPI’s More Fun website now for more details.


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