Baler, Aurora

Location: Baler, Aurora
Date: July 22 to 24 2011
Present: Kaiz and Jie, Team Jibb, Mel, Jojo

It has been a long time since I wrote a decent entry, I admit. My past posts were nothing but inane rants. So here, an attempt on producing a substantial write-up.

Dot dot dot.

My friends at the office and I decided to take three days off from our exhausting work loads. And so we all agreed to go back to Aurora, which we visited some three years ago. Digital cameras were not yet a hype during that time. I promised not to miss the second chance of capturing Aurora’s beauty particularly Baler. For all I know, this could be my last visit to one of the North’s pearls.

It took me a while to find out that the first part of our vacation was Diguisit Falls. I asked one of the locals there, who I think is not a real native of the place, what the name of the falls is. He wasn’t able to give me any answers so I just counted on Mister Google who never fails me.

The small falls is located just in front of the Diguisit Bay, which is an eye-catcher specifically during low tides.

Baler, Aurora
The amazing Diguisit Bay.

I found nothing eventful nor significant information about the falls. And so I would just rely on my visual depiction of it. In order for one to reach the Diguisit Falls, he or she must do a quick hike up to a pool-like portion of the place. The stones in the area are particularly sharp reason for the deep cut my right foot endured. I won’t go into details since I am no longer a fan of real-life macabre. The waters flowing from the higher portion of the falls are limpid, cold, strong, and a perfect replacement for a Php1000-worth massage from a spa parlor. There’s not much activity you can do while staying there because the falls and its surrounding are Liliputians in size.

Baler, Aurora
Me and Pishee with Diguisit Falls as the backdrop.
Baler, Aurora
Indestructible <3

During one of the wee hours of December 1735, a tsunami hit the entire community killing nearly all of the residents but the famous families of Angara, Bijasa, Bitong, Carrasco, Lumasac, and Poblete. The survivors, along with a parish priest from the nearby town, Casiguran, who was visiting Baler during that time swam their way up to an overlooking hill which they now call the Ermita Hill.

Baler, Aurora
The Tromba Marina sculptures depicting how the tsunami survivors fought for their lives.
Baler, Aurora
Way up to the Ermita Hill.
Baler, Aurora
View from one of the decks of Ermita Hill.

One should not miss the well-loved Sabang Beach when visiting Baler.

Baler, Aurora
Waves are lurve!


Baler, Aurora
Andrew enjoying the flat surface of the beach. Skimboard, on!
Baler, Aurora
White water, I love.

Baler, Aurora


Baler, Aurora
The Sierra Madre mountain ranges.
Baler, Aurora
Mass Plank at the Pantabangan Dam.
Baler, Aurora
The Orange Church somewhere in Cabanatuan.

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    1. Hi Dkaie! You know what, I just remember that I haven’t finished this post yet! Haha. I haven’t written anything about Sabang Beach and the Pantabangan Dam.

      Thanks for the compliments though. ☺


    1. Secret lang natin yan, Mica. hihihi.

      Gusto ko nga rin ulet bumalik dun eh. Gusto ko yung may waves talaga. Lilliputian kasi yung mga alon nung pagpunta namen eh. ☺

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